hd C-Series

Commercial Sticks

  • passive 1-way system with 2″ broadband loudspeaker or passive 2 1/2-way system with 3.5″ coaxial loudspeaker
  • no DSP required: operation on any amplifier
  • frequency- and phase-optimized crossover
  • elegant design
  • coverage angles 100° x 50° or 80° x 80°
  • 100V version available

The hd C-Series is a family of commercial design speakers that deliver affordable and outstanding performance for music and voice applications, such as in retail stores, public facilities, restaurants, A/V installations or mobile applications. Equipped with high-end Harmonic Design drivers, the hd C-Series can be used with any third-party device such as A/V receivers, media controllers or multi-channel amplifiers, making system integration easy. The lightweight, sleek and ultra-compact column loudspeakers can be mounted to the ceiling, wall or stand, and are available in custom colors and lengths to fit any screen size or architectural need. They consist of the hd C2, hd C4 and hd C8 with the hd genuine 1-way point source column speaker design and two to eight 2″ full-range drivers. The family members hd C1CX, hd C3CX, hd C5CX and hd C7CX feature a D`Appolito design with a centrally placed coaxial 3.5″ long excursion cone driver with tweeter surrounded by up to seven 3″ woofers. A passive frequency- and phase-optimized crossover is integrated in the aluminum housing and ensures a uniform and natural reproduction behavior in the entire frequency range with any amplifier unit.

Extremely powerful subwoofers of the hd Sub- or hd P-Series with up to 1800 W AES power handling capacity extend the low-frequency sound experience down to the infrasound range. The most elegant solution for extending the bass range of the hd C-Series is the super slim hd Slim265 design subwoofer. Due to its low height of just 102 mm, it fits into any suspended ceiling, can be mounted on a wall or placed invisibly under a piece of furniture. Weiterhin gibt es mit dem hd B210 einen dezenten, aber kraftvollen Installationssubwoofer, der sich ideal für Einbauten unter Sitzbänken eignet.

The hd C-Series can be flexibly and easily installed and mounted. The speaker can be optimally aligned with the discreet ball joint wall mount or with minimal space requirements with L-brackets and two M6 threads top and bottom. If wall mounting is not possible, the speakers can be used with a 3/8″ thread on the bottom plate on an elegant designer stand or microphone stand. Applications in existing or newly developed distributed systems can be realized with the optional 100V versions. Modern transformers guarantee high audio performance even over long distances and with small cable cross-sections. Several power taps make it possible to adjust the sound level.

1-way system with 2″ fullrange chassis

hd C2

  • 2x 2”
  • 50 / 100 W
  • SPLmax 113 dB
  • weight 2 kg

hd C4

  • 4x 2”
  • 100 / 200 W
  • SPLmax 120 dB
  • Weight 4 kg

hd C8

  • 8x 2”
  • 200 / 400 W
  • SPLmax 119 dB
  • Weight 6 kg

2 1/2-way system with 3,5″ coaxial loudspeaker

hd C1CX

hd C1CX
  • 1x 3,5” LF+ 1x Tweeter
  • 40 / 55 W
  • SPLmax 111 dB
  • Weight 1 kg

hd C3CX

  • 1x 3,5” LF+ 1x Tweeter + 2x 3″ LF
  • 115/ 160 W
  • SPLmax 112 dB
  • weight 2 kg

hd C5CX

  • 1x 3,5” LF+ 1x Tweeter + 4x 3″ LF
  • 190/ 265W
  • SPLmax 115 dB
  • Weight 3 kg

hd C7CX

  • 1x 3,5” LF+ 1x Tweeter + 6x 3″ LF
  • 265/ 340W
  • SPLmax 118 dB
  • Weight 6 kg