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Since its founding in 1980, Harmonic Design® (called hd) has stood for the development, production and sale of innovative loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. Our customers are musicians, professional PA systems rental companies, installation companies, hi-fi companies and industrial companies.

As a Swabian family business, we focus on quality that inspires. Each product is developed entirely in-house and assembled by hand by our highly skilled technicians. This is how we create, without exception, valuable and durable quality products for simply harmonic sound.

Harmonic Design® products are manufactured, developed and handcrafted in Neckarwestheim in South Germany. From regional suppliers from southern Germany, only high quality and durable components and components are sourced. Thus we achieve an extremely high quality and reliability of our products.

Since its founding in 1980, Harmonic Design® has stood for research, development and production of innovative loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. We thought early in systems and established the use of system controllers (then still analogous) as early as 1988. The MLSSA measuring system took computer-aided speaker development to a new level in the early ’90s. This was followed in 1994 by the first digital signal processor with pioneering filter options. In recent years, we have developped technologies such as the GroupDelayCorrection or the PowerSound algorithm.

Harmonic Design® active systems consist of the loudspeaker box, the digital system controller and the amplifier. The individual components are networked together and ensure easy operation, highest sound quality and enormous reliability. The individual loudspeaker boxes are interchangeable, so as to be able to achieve the optimum result depending on the application and requirement.

Harmonic Design® speaker systems are well known for their neutral, linear sound. With the latest methods and measuring techniques, the speaker components are examined and improved to the smallest detail. The linearity is characterized not only by the flat frequency response, but also by the impulse response accuracy, precisely graduated tonal depth and minimal distortions.

The holistic system consisting of loudspeaker box, digital system controller and amplifier represents our understanding of a future-oriented system. The individual components are individually optimized and unfold their full potential in combination as a system: The sound pattern is faithful, the power is exceptional and the handling is simple.

As a long-standing and reliable partner of many distributors, rental companies, system integrators, planners, musicians and producers, we want to continue to work alongside you and offer practical top-of-the-range products. The development of new, innovative technologies for the improvement of products plays a key role.

We are constantly facing new, demanding challenges, going on unprecedented paths and thus shifting the boundaries of the possible. Our passion comes from our love for art and music. In search of uncompromising sound accuracy, minimal dimensions, superior quality and smart accessories, our goal is a harmonious design.

Harmonic Design® offers innovative products with practical orientation that operate due to their specifications, sound quality and diversity in the highest level available in the audio industry. Our products serve professional sound engineers, musicians, DJs, rental companies and system integrators as perfectly matched tools to best support their daily work and performance. The handling and appearance are extremely minimal and unobtrusive, making the sound system almost invisible, connecting the audience to the performance and focusing on the performance itself. We want to optimally support you in your applications. Therefore, we not only offer well thought-out products, but also a personal contact person for questions, advice and support. Contact us!


Ready to rock: The HD Smart Factory is now open

Come, see and hear… We invite all interested specialist users to our new Experience Room from July 1st, 2020 to see and, above all, hear what Harmonic Design has to offer. Experience the innovative Harmonic Design sound systems of the future on more than 200 square meters: (more…)

Harmonic Design invests in new Smart Factory

For its 40th anniversary in 2020, Harmonic Design will move into the new company headquarters with more than 3,000 m². In doing so, we are continuing our growth course and setting the cornerstone for new innovations and proprietary technologies. With our new Smart Factory, production capacity will be further expanded and a larger warehouse stocked to meet increased demand and continue to deliver within short delivery times. The new head office unites all departments under one roof and, in addition to the administration, production, warehousing and logistics, houses the new development center Harmonic Design EAR (ElectroAcousticResearch). At the heart of the HD EARs is a class 1 low-reflection room with just about 1,000 m³ and EMC PreCompliance measuring stations, so that all acoustic and electronic products can be measured and developed directly in-house. For an improved customer experience, there is a large presentation and training room of over 1,600m³, where all speaker systems are ready to go and provide our unique HD listening experience.

2018: Harmonic Design Beamforming Technology

Launch of the hd Beamforming Series: Beamforming column loudspeakers in unprecedented compact dimensions based on the hd ML- and PL-Series with multiple beams, enhanced directivity optimization and redundant inputs with DANTE®

2016: Revolutionary large scale sound system HybridLineSource Technology

Presentation of the revolutionary large scale sound system hd HLS24 HybridLineSource. HybridLineSource technology is a worldwide unique speaker design developed by Harmonic Design that dramatically reduces the needed truck space and improves the quality of a public address system to a new level of uniformity and complete absence of distortions.

2015: PowerLine Sticks and passive Beamforming

Extension of the column loudspeaker portfolio with a high-performance loudspeaker with the hd PL-Series.

First beamforming projects in use with hd ML-Series and hd PL-Series and external electronics unit.

2012: Plug & Play Active System with 4,000W

Market launch of the hd P-Series: active system subwoofer with integrated multi-channel high-end DSP (FIR / IIR) and 4000W Class-D amplifier

2006: Compact LineArrays hd No3, hd No5, hd No7

Presentation of hd DSCamp, a multi-channel amplifier with integrated digital signal processor and 4x In / 6x 200 W Out or 4x In / 4x 400 W Out

LineArray series hd No3 and hd No5, as well as the coaxial LineArray hd No7 for stacked applications

2004: Development of a new DSP platform with remote monitoring

Begin an extensive development project for a new DSP platform with remote monitoring of the connected components

Implementation of the technologies in future products in the market

2000: Modular horn-loaded speaker system – hd SPA series

Presentation of the hd SPA series as a modular horn-loaded loudspeaker system. The coaxial horn-in-horn design sets new standards in terms of size and weight to sound pressure.

2000: Development of the hd PowerSound algorithm

Development of the hd PowerSound algorithm for significantly improved low-frequency reproduction even for small subs.

Introducing the next generation of digital signal processors hd DSC2. First time extensive use of FIR filter technology in combination with IIR filters for uncompromising optimization of loudspeaker systems.

1998: hd Studio1 reference studio monitor

Introduction of the hd 8CX and hd 12CX coaxial multifunction boxes

active Subwoofer hd 18N

hd SW12-15P with P-Band System

hd Studio1 Reference Studio monitor

1995: New methods of speaker system control and optimization

Market introduction of the hd SYSTEM2000 loudspeakers and electronics with uniquely new methods of speaker system control and optimization in the room, implementation of the GroupDelayCorrection algorithm in the signal processing, 2-stage limiter and direct MLSSA measurement file import combines the optimization of all parameters in one software interface.

Sound optimization with hd SYSTEM2000
SYSTEM2000 brochure

1994: First Digital Room Speaker Processor hd DSC1

Introducing the first digital room speaker processor hd DSC1 with complete control over each speaker parameter

1994: Sound technical report of the German Bundestag

Creating a sound technical report of the German Bundestag in Bonn

1993: Large-scale sound system: hd HPA series

hd HPA series consisting of the hd HPA-122 Top and hd SW-212 subwoofer is presented as a modular large sound system.

1992: Introduction of the hd “CX” Pro Series

Introducing the hd “CX” Pro Series, consisting of “CX” Pro Top 12CX2, “CX” Pro Bass SW115 with HighOrderFilterConcept technology and the “CX” Pro ISP-AMP, first coaxial drivers.

hd “CX”Pro brochure
hd M15CX2 brochure

1990: Calibration the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium, Stuttgart

Measuring and calibration of the renewed sound system at the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium in Stuttgart

1990: Exclusive distributor in Europe for MLSSA

The Harmonic Design GmbH becomes the exclusive distributor and service partner of the worldwide leading measurement and analysis system MLSSA for Europe.

1989: Expansion of production capacity

Expansion of production capacities with own enclosure production.

1988: First speaker system with integrated processor

Presentation of the hd MPP3 system: The first speaker system with integrated loudspeaker processor and analog amplifier unit.

1986: First PA speakers

First PA speaker with self-developed FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) horns for targeted sound radiation and increased efficiency.

1984: Company fire

The company building in Rutesheim burns down completely. Then relocation of the company headquarters to Vaihingen/Enz-Riet.

Change of name to: Harmonic Design GmbH & Co. KG

1982: Flightcases are added to the product range

Flight cases are added to the product range. In a short time, the so-called hd SilverCases conquer the market.

1980: Founding of Harmonic Design GmbH

Foundation of Harmonic Design GmbH in 1980 in Rutesheim, Germany

Introduction of the Hardy Amps as professional bass and guitar amplifiers.