hd P-Series

Active System Subwoofer

  • heavy-duty long-excursion loudspeaker
  • most modern 3-channel Class-D amplifier
  • hd MultiDSP with FIR-/IIR-Filter
  • high sound pressure level in a compact housing
  • remote software hd LevelZ

The hd P-Series is acoustically identical to the hd Sub-Series with the difference that the hd P-Series houses a high-end hd MultiDSP and a powerful amplifier in the same enclosure and thus becomes a basic building block for any mobile Plug & Play system. This new DSP platform now enables all processing and control functions of large sound systems in easy-to-use plug & play active system.

On the back panel there are level indicators for each input and output channel, as well as a USB interface for setting and managing all audio parameters via PC. The extremely powerful processor offers FIR filters and IIR filters for the exact adaptation of the PA system to the respective application. The input section includes a routing matrix, a function generator (sine and noise generator) and 16 input IIR filters per input channel, and a 384 taps FIR filter. There are 16 IIR filters, 384 Taps FIR filters, 100 ms delay, 180° phase inversion, peak limiter, RMS limiter, gain and mute available per output channel. There are 20 factory presets for all Harmonic Design speaker system configurations stored for direct recall to the device so that it can always be reset to a defined default state of the system. This guarantees highest reliability of the connected speakers and ensures a very dynamic and linear sound.

For user-specific settings, another 20 freely configurable user presets are available to save and manage individual configurations. A well-read 4-line LCD display with 3.2″ screen size and 5 navigation buttons on the hd P15 and hd P18 enable easy and intuitive operation of all functions, as well as the loading of factory or user presets directly on the device without a PC.

Due to limited space, the hd P12stereo has limited access. All functions are fully available via the USB interface. This makes it possible to adapt the PA system to the changing requirements from day to day in the shortest possible time and makes the usual complete system change, for a small or large event, superfluous. In addition, the new and easy-to-use hd LevelZ PC remote software provides even more detailed information on individual requirements and an unlimited number of user presets and configurations.

The multi-channel Class-D amplifiers provide up to 2500W for power outputs and are designed to meet the highest audio quality and reliability requirements in mobile applications. This is ensured by a SMPS switching power supply with Power Factor Correction (PFC), which can be used even in unfavorable network conditions, such as Undervoltage or overvoltage, thanks to a universal operating range of 85 V to 265 V, can provide full power at all times and is therefore far superior to conventional power supplies.

hd P12stereo

hd Sub12
  • 1x 12” with 400 / 800 W
  • 3x 500 W amplifier power
  • SPLmax 120 dB
  • weight 19 kg

hd P15

hd Sub15
  • 1x 15″ with 1000 / 4000 W
  • 2500W / 2x 800W amplifier power

  • SPLmax 136 dB
  • weight 34 kg

hd P18

hd Sub18
  • 1x 18” with 1800 / 7200 W
  • 2500W / 2x 800W amplifier power

  • SPLmax 141 dB
  • weight 44 kg