Project Description

HOYERSWERDA, Germany – To give excellent coverage and audio quality to the newly opened “All Jerk Empire” restaurant in Hoyerswerda, Saxony, our distribution partner Audiolis has recently installed a variety of Harmonic Design column loudspeakers that deliver an unrivaled sound experience to visitors without to affect the conversations of the regulars.

The All Jerk Empire, is a multi-functional restaurant and bar that serves a wide variety of Jamaican dishes and drinks throughout the day, with live performances at night. One challenge in choosing the right audio system was that it had to be inconspicuous and discreet to fit seamlessly into the authentic architecture, delivering a very clear sound at a low volume for guests in the daily restaurant business. In addition, it must also be powerful enough for the very impulsive live performances of Jamaican bands in the evening.

The Dresden-based Harmonic Design distribution partner Audiolis has specified sleek column loudspeakers from the hd M-Series for restaurant use. The column speakers with point sound sources characteristics feature a very wide coverage and at the same time a perfect integration into the respective architecture. A total of 14x hd M4 are distributed over the restaurant. On each side of the stage, where live performances take place, hd ML24 LineArray sticks are installed. The hd ML-Series are high-performance column speakers with a line sound source dispersion characteristic, which are responsible for delivering the band sound with a low level of sound loss down to the back rows of the packed venue.

Dipl.-Ing. H. Lissner from Audiolis:
The hd M- and ML-Series column speakers provide a large coverage and allow us to better control the volume of the speakers and to provide guests with soothing background music while eating. The columns were very simple and quickly mounted with the appropriate mounting brackets. Attention was paid to getting the speakers as close to the walls as possible so that no guest bumps into them.

The use of distributed hd Sub12i subwoofers in the restaurant has achieved even bass coverage to avoid areas of too much low-frequency energy. Another hd P18 self-powered subwoofer was placed near the stage and used during live performances, delivering impulsive and deep bass. A total of 3x hd Qi5004 and 1x hd Qi5002 DSP amplifiers take care of system management and deliver extremely efficient up to 7000 watts to the installed speakers.