hd M-Series

PointSource Stick

  • passive 1-way system with 2″ broadband speakers
  • point source characteristics
  • coverage 100° x 50°
  • superb speech intelligibility
  • special designs possible
  • 100V version available
  • external DSP necessary

The hd M-Series are design column loudspeakers with point source radiation characteristics. The modern and elegant aluminum housing allows an unobtrusive integration into the existing spatial architecture of churches, conference rooms and concert halls.

The modular modular hd M-Series consists of the hd M2, hd M4 and hd M8 with the respective information contained in the name of the number of installed 2″ broadband chassis. Depending on the application, the hd M-Series loudspeakers can be used as support loudspeakers for the hd ML-Series LineArray sticks or in conjunction with a Harmonic Design subwoofer as a stand-alone system. Thanks to an optimized arrangement of the loudspeakers, the vertical beam angle is widened to optimally sound to both seated and standing audience.

For applications in existing or newly installed distributed systems, the hd M-Series is also available as a 100V version. State-of-the-art transformers guarantee excellent sound quality despite the long distances and small cable cross-sections. Various power taps on the speaker allow to adjust the volume. External sound processing is required.

The continuous metal rail for M6 square nuts on the back of the speaker allows the attachment of all brackets or a tiltable tripod adapter. On the bottom there is an optional built-in 35mm pole flange. A high quality and durable powder coating of the aluminum housing, as well as a sturdy protective grid with backed acoustic foam ensures a discreet appearance of the hd M-Series. For even better optical integration into the environment, optional RAL colors or production in project-specific lengths are possible.

hd M2

hd M2
  • 2x 2”
  • 50 / 100 W
  • SPLmax 113 dB
  • weight 2 kg

hd M4

hd M4
  • 4x 2”
  • 100 / 200 W
  • SPLmax 116 dB

  • Weight 4 kg

hd M8

hd M8
  • 8x 2”
  • 200 / 400 W
  • SPLmax 119 dB

  • Weight 6 kg