Project Description

The Peerage Bar is a newly opened premium club in the heart of Hai Phong, the booming metropolis in the north of Vietnam. In line with the state-of-the-art lighting design with lasers, LED-Sceens and countless moving lights, an extremely powerful Harmonic Design loudspeaker system has been installed.

Total 8x hd HLS24 in BI-AMP mode provide a disco feeling of the extra class. The high-frequency section integrated in the revolutionary HybridLineSource loudspeaker, each consisting of 4x 1.4″ drivers, enables the lowest possible distortion with extremely high listening volumes. As a result, hearing does not tire as quickly as is the case with conventional Club PA systems. The horn-loaded and powerful low-mid section of the hd HLS24 allows for full-range operation of a precise and dry kick-bass reproduction of EDM music styles – without additional kick bass way.

8 units hd Infra218 provide breathtaking low-bass-pressure with up to 160 dBSPL at 1m distance. The subwoofer array is thus an uncompromising and at the same time flexible low-end, which thanks to the active DampingControl of the system amplifiers, can be set to “dry” or “mighty” for the respective music genre.

Numerous hd MP15N multi-function loudspeakers in a special installation version are used as a monitor system of the international DJ’s and resident DJ’s, as well as support speakers for shaded outdoor areas.

The necessary power provide the hd system amplifiers of Powersoft X4 and K20DSP series.