hd ML-Series

LineSource Sticks

  • 1-way system with 2″ broadband speakers
  • cylindrical wave characteristic
  • coverage 100° x 15°
  • superb speech intelligibility
  • special designs possible
  • active hd Beamforming electronics available

  • cardioid module hd MLC available

The hd ML-Series is a family of very compact LineArray sticks designed specifically for the natural reproduction of speech and music. The lightweight and elegant column speakers can be set up and installed within seconds. A perfect integration into the existing room architecture or stage design is achieved by the slim and inconspicuous design of the column speaker and are therefore the first choice of system integrators, organizers, agencies and musicians.

The hd ML-Series consists of the hd ML8, hd ML16, hd ML24 and hd ML32i as standard line sources. Due to the modular structure of the hd ML-Series, it is possible to realize customer-specific lengths and assemblies for optimum adaptation to the respective requirements. 2″ broadband chassis produce a cylindrical wave radiation pattern up to the highest audible frequencies. The resulting higher range and better speech intelligibility compared to conventional column loudspeakers, predestines the hd ML-Series LineArray Sticks for use in acoustically difficult environments such as churches, airports or halls with simultaneously excellent sound characteristics.

The elegant column speakers also available as active hd Beamforming speakers with exceptional performance and digitally controllable beams. The hd MLC cardioid expansion module is available for demanding applications in mobile and fixed installations, effectively attenuating the back radiated frequency components by up to 20 dB.

hd ML8

  • 8x 2”

  • passive, 1-way
  • 200 / 280 W

  • SPLmax 119 dB

  • Weight 4 kg

hd ML16

hd ML16
  • 16x 2”
  • passive, 1-way
  • 400 / 560 W
  • SPLmax 123 dB
  • Weight 6 kg

hd ML24

hd ML24
  • 24x 2 “
  • passive, 1-way
  • 600 / 840 W
  • SPLmax 125 dB
  • weight 8 kg

hd ML32i

hd ML32
  • 32x 2”
  • passive, 1-way
  • 800 / 1120 W
  • SPLmax 127 dB
  • weight 10 kg

hd MLC

  • 9x 2”

  • passive, 1-way
  • 225 /315 W

  • SPLmax 117 dB

  • Weight 5 kg