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Harmonic Design History

Harmonic Design invests in new Smart Factory

For its 40th anniversary in 2020, Harmonic Design will move into the new company headquarters with more than 3,000 m². In doing so, we are continuing our growth course and setting the cornerstone for new innovations and proprietary technologies. With our new Smart Factory, production capacity will be further expanded and a larger warehouse stocked to meet increased demand and continue to deliver within short delivery times. The new head office unites all departments under one roof and, in addition to the administration, production, warehousing and logistics, houses the new development center Harmonic Design EAR (ElectroAcousticResearch). At the heart of the HD EARs is a class 1 low-reflection room with just about 1,000 m³ and EMC PreCompliance measuring stations, so that all acoustic and electronic products can be measured and developed directly in-house. For an improved customer experience, there is a large presentation and training room of over 1,600m³, where all speaker systems are ready to go and provide our unique HD listening experience.

2016: Revolutionary large scale sound system HybridLineSource Technology

Presentation of the revolutionary large scale sound system hd HLS24 HybridLineSource. HybridLineSource technology is a worldwide unique speaker design developed by Harmonic Design that dramatically reduces the needed truck space and improves the quality of a public address system to a new level of uniformity and complete absence of distortions.

2006: Compact LineArrays hd No3, hd No5, hd No7

Presentation of hd DSCamp, a multi-channel amplifier with integrated digital signal processor and 4x In / 6x 200 W Out or 4x In / 4x 400 W Out

LineArray series hd No3 and hd No5, as well as the coaxial LineArray hd No7 for stacked applications

2004: Development of a new DSP platform with remote monitoring

Begin an extensive development project for a new DSP platform with remote monitoring of the connected components

Implementation of the technologies in future products in the market