hd PL16C/P18-PA2

PowerLine Stick System

  • 2x hd PL16 PowerLine Stick + 2x hd PLC Cardioid Add-On + 2x hd P18 active System Subwoofer
  • uniform coverage thanks to cylindrical wave propagation
  • for live music, DJ and speech up to 300 people
  • long throw range and high sound pressure
  • excellent low-mid directivity thanks to cardioid radiation behavior
  • decent optics
  • DSP-AUX output for active monitor / delay line
  • preset sound characteristics
  • Plug & Play: minimal cabling effort
  • System power: 4,880 Wrms

The mobile hd PL-Series active PA systems combine first-class sound quality with elegant design and directional radiation. The round column speakers with LineArray characteristic convince with their sleek design and their roadworthy housing made of sturdy aluminum. Durch die Bündelung der 16x 3“ Breitbandlautsprecher zu einer Zylinderwelle eignen sich die hd PL16 Linienstrahler hervorragend für Sprach- und Musikübertragung in Hallen, Clubs, Kirchen, Museen etc. Auch in schwieriger Akustik mit langen Nachhallzeiten garantiert die PL-Serie eine hervorragende Sprachverständlichkeit durch weniger Diffusschall und ungewollte Reflexionen und glänzt mit einem ausgewogenen, homogenen Klangbild bei geringerer Grundlautstärke.

The PL systems include the DSP-controlled active system subwoofer hd P18, which drives the hd PL LineSource and another passive hd Sub18 and thus acts as a basic building block. The powerful 18″ long-excursion loudspeaker in bass reflex tuning ensures controlled, punchy bass. Factory-programmed sound presets make it easier for you to work in a wide variety of rooms and applications. Individual sound ideas can be saved as a preset on request. The easy handling and the compact dimensions save setup time, weight and load space. In addition, the Plug & Play system minimizes cabling and thus potential sources of error.

For demanding applications in mobile use and fixed installation, the hd PLC cardioid expansion module is provided, which effectively attenuates the back radiated frequency components by up to 20 dB. The further optimized directivity of the line radiator by the cardioid module thus considerably reduces the feedback susceptibility in the low-mid range and at the same time improves speech intelligibility, since no sound energy is radiated diffusely into unwanted areas. The hd PLC module is mounted directly on the back of the hd PL-Series PowerLine Stick and operated via a separate amplifier channel. cardioid or hypercardioid characteristics can be easily retrieved with the corresponding DSP preset via the hd LevelZ software. In addition to the reduction of the back radiated sound energy, the hd PLC cardioid module also extends the sound pressure in the low-midrange in the audience direction. This makes the sound even more punchy and dynamic with the same line length


  • mobile applications, live music, DJ, touring
  • public buildings, conference and media technology