hd PLC

Cardioid Add-On

  • passive 1-way column loudspeaker with 9x 3″
  • PointSource or Cardioid Add-On
  • standalone radiation 80° x 35°
  • enables (hyper-) cardioid hor. radiation along with hd PL-Series main speakers with reverse attenuation up to 20 dB
  • enables high speech intelligibility
  • weight 7 kg
The hd PLC Cardioid expansion module is available for demanding applications in mobile and fixed installations, effectively attenuating the radiated backwards frequency components by up to 20 dB. The further optimized directivity of the line radiator by the cardioid module thus considerably reduces the feedback susceptibility in the low-mid range and at the same time improves speech intelligibility, since no sound energy is radiated diffusely into unwanted areas. The hd PLC module is mounted directly on the back of the hd PL-Series LineArray Stick and operated via a separate amplifier channel. Cardioid or hypercardioid characteristics can be easily retrieved via the corresponding DSP preset. In addition to the reduction of the back radiated sound energy, the hd PLC Cardioid module also extends the sound pressure in the low midrange in the audience direction. This makes the sound even more punchy and dynamic with the same line length. A Speakon jack is located on the bottom plate for connecting inputs in mobile applications. A 35 mm flange allows the standalone use as a main speaker on a tripod.
Model hd PLC
Principle Cardioid Add-On
PointSource (Standalone)
Transducers 9x 3″ fullrange chassis
Crossover active at 70 Hz
Power handling capacity (RMS/Peak) 340 W / 470 W
Frequency range 70 Hz – 1200 Hz
70 Hz – 18 kHz (Standalone)
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 95 dB
SPLmax 120 dB
Nominal dispersion angle cardioid or hypercardioid
80° x 35° (Standalone)
Nominal impedance 4 Ohms
Connection 1x Speakon NL4
Dimensions (W x H x D) 108 x 878 x 104 mm
Weight 7 kg
Enclosure Powder-coated aluminium profile black
Steel grille with acoustic foam
1x Speakon NL4 + 35 mm flange on the bottom plate
mounting adapter incl. 2x knurled screw
Options RAL color
special length
weather protection


  • mobile use with hd PL-Series as main speaker

  • Standalone