The Saemoonan Presbyterian Church was founded in Korea in 1887 and is the first organized church. Since the beginning of their mission, 21 district churches have been established in Seoul and the Gyeonggi region. In this way, they have provided spiritual and social lifelines to the Protestant churches in Korea. For this reason, it is known as the “mother church” of Korea.

With the gigantic new construction project of the sixth church building new challenges were sought and an architectural masterpiece realized: 19 floors, 68m building height, 80m church tower and a capacity of 2,200 persons in the Great Chapel. The entire sound system was installed almost invisibly in the walls behind acoustic fleece. Due to the complex geometry of the room with galleries, the entire church space is designed using Harmonic Design beamforming technology. So all listener surfaces are sounded equivalent, although the speakers are positioned at the height of the cross in 4m or 10m height. With only two hd PL24Beam, the entire ground floor of the Great Chapel will be sounded. Two more hd PL16Beam are responsible for the sound of the gallery. AdvancedDirectivityOptimization and AdvancedRoomOptimization make it possible to achieve optimal spatial sound distribution, speech intelligibility and playback quality for music performances. Under the balcony four hd PL12i are used as delay loudspeakers.

The design and planning of the sound reinforcement system was accompanied by sound field simulations with hd LevelZ and EASE 4.4.