Simulation Software

  • direct sound calculations with EASE FOCUS 3

  • consideration of room acoustics with EASE 4

  • detailed result report for planners and users

  • real-time calculation of the sound coverage and frequency response of the systems

  • windows based interface

EASE Focus 3 is the universal planning tool for simulating the direct sound of loudspeaker systems. It supports LineArrays, subwoofer arrays and steerable column speaker from Harmonic Design. Based on the leading simulation software EASE from AFMG, a comprehensive set of features and functions can be provided:

  • Simulation of LineArrays (hd LSA12), HybridLineSource (hd HLS-Series) and subwoofer arrays (hd Sub-Series)
  • fexible definition of audience areas, cutting planes and receiver positions for detailed analysis
  • real-time calculation of the sound coverage and frequency response of the systems
  • extensive result report for users and planners

With EASE Focus 3, technicians, engineers and system designers can simulate the performance of complete PA systems to determine the optimal set-up. This is particularly interesting for venues that have several audience areas possibly in geometrically unusual arrangement or with rising rows of seats. EASE Focus 3 supports the user with a number of helpful functions such as auto-splay for LineArrays, the Virtual EQ for tuning the systems and comprehensive evaluation of the sound level and the frequency response.

EASE – The industry standard for electroacoustic simulation.

The EASE software suite provides system designers and consultants with an invaluable set of tools for all aspects of professional practice, from detailed, realistic modeling and simulation of venue acoustics and sound system performance to informative and engaging client presentations, as well as professional data assessment and verification.

EASE along with the optional modules AURA and EARS, take the guesswork out of system design, help eliminate costly mistakes and reduce installation time. They assist designers in learning and growing by graphically displaying accurate predictions of real-world acoustics. EASE models are an ideal way to explore options and to evaluate what works and what doesn’t work – before the virtual venue becomes a job site and changes are time-consuming and expensive.

Key benefits of EASE simulation:

  • Convince customers with calculations by the industry standard electro-acoustical simulation software
  • Be sure to meet the requirements for SPL, STI and other demands with minimum effort
  • Become aware of obstacles that would remain hidden without simulation
  • Analyze and solve acoustical problems before they arise
  • Save time and money by avoiding multiple iterations on site

simulation data sets

We will gladly assist you with the acoustic simulation of projects or send you the speaker files (* .gll).

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