hd PL16/P18-PA1

PowerLine Stick System

  • 2x hd PL16 PowerLine Stick + 1x hd P18 Active System Subwoofer + 1x hd Sub18 Subwoofer
  • uniform coverage thanks to cylindrical wave propagation
  • for live music, DJ and speech up to 300 people
  • long throw range and high sound pressure
  • decent optics
  • DSP-AUX output for active monitor / delay line
  • preset sound characteristics
  • Plug & Play: minimal cabling effort
  • system power: 3.700 Wrms

The mobile hd PL-Series active PA systems combine first-class sound quality with elegant design and directional radiation. The round column speakers with LineArray characteristic convince with their sleek design and their roadworthy housing made of sturdy aluminum. By coupling of the sixteen 3″ full-range speakers into a cylindrical wave, the hd PL16 column speaker are ideal for voice and music transmission in halls, clubs, churches and museums. Even in difficult acoustics with long reverberation times, the hd PL-Series guarantees excellent speech intelligibility through less diffuse sound and unwanted reflections, and shines with a balanced, homogeneous sound pattern at a lower base volume.

The PL systems include the DSP-controlled active system subwoofer hd P18, which drives the hd PL LineSource and another passive hd Sub18 and thus acts as a basic building block. The powerful 18″ long-excursion loudspeaker in bass reflex tuning ensures controlled, punchy bass. Factory-programmed sound presets make it easier for you to work in a wide variety of rooms and applications. Individual sound ideas can be saved as a preset on request. The easy handling and the compact dimensions save setup time, weight and load space. In addition, the Plug & Play system minimizes cabling and thus potential sources of error.


  • mobile applications, live music, DJ, touring
  • public buildings, conference and media technology