hd LSA-Series

LineSource Array

  • passive 2-way speaker with 12″N / 2x 1.4″N
  • coverage 90° x 15° or 120° x 15°
  • most compact dimensions, linear tuning
  • linear reproduction of speech and music
  • cylindrical wave characteristic
  • BI-AMP or passiveXO available

The hd LSA12 and LSA24 is an efficient line array module of the latest generation, which is equipped with a specially developed high-performance 12″ neodymium woofer chassis. The HF segment consists of two 1.4″neodymium compression drivers with special polymer diaphragms coupled to wave formers to create a cylindrical wavefront. The brilliant speech intelligibility paired with dynamic tonality as well as the extreme spatial depiction and “depth” of effects is extraordinary and so far known only by much larger systems.

hd LSA12

hd LSA12
  • 1x 12”N / 2x 1.4”N
  • 600 / 2400W
  • SPLmax 136 dB
  • Weight 27 kg

hd LSA24

hd LSA24
  • 2x 12”N / 2x 1.4”N
  • 1200 / 4800W
  • SPLmax 140 dB
  • weight 38 kg