hd LSA12

LineSource Array

  • passive 2-way speaker with 1x 12″N / 2x 1.4″N
  • coverage 90° x 15° or 120° x 15°
  • integrated 3-point FastRig rigging
  • most compact dimensions, linear tuning
  • BI-AMP for uncompromising sound (hd LSA12)
  • passive crossover for best economy (hd LSA12P)
  • installation version available
  • Weight 27 kg
The hd LSA12 is an efficient line array module of the latest generation, which is equipped with a specially developed high performance 12″ neodymium woofer chassis. The HF segment consists of two 1.4″neodymium compression drivers with special polymer diaphragms coupled to wave formers to create a cylindrical wavefront. The brilliant speech intelligibility paired with dynamic tonality as well as the extreme spatial depiction and “depth” of effects is extraordinary and so far known only by much larger systems.

The built-in 3-point FastRig rigging allows you to adjust the vertical opening angle precisely in 1° increments from 0° to 11° for flown vertical arrays of up to 16 loudspeakers. All attachments and quick lock pins are firmly connected to the housing. The different horn attachments of the high-frequency section allow symmetrical and asymmetrical horizontal dispersion angles for permanently installed applications, in order to precisely align the loudspeaker system with the surface to be sounded and to block out disturbing reflections from walls or obstacles. The special SuperVentedDesign enables dynamic and broadband playback down to 45 Hz in full-range mode for applications without additional subwoofer systems. High-performance subwoofer of hd Sub-Series are available for high-performance applications and extended playback down to the infrasound range.

Extensive accessories for fast and safe transport as well as various flight adapters such as the hd LSA12-SF6 for flying up to six elements or the larger hd UniFrame16 enable various practical flown and stacked applications of daily changing sound applications, saving time and money. Operation takes place exclusively via Harmonic Design system amplifiers and guarantees outstanding performance and compatibility even under adverse conditions as well as maximum efficiency in terms of power consumption, pack size and output. For beginners in the LineArray era as well as advanced users, the hd LSA12P-TourSys is available as a perfectly matched LineArray complete system. Several TourSys systems can be extended to a large system to realize sound reinforcement with up to 15,000 listeners.

Up to four speakers can be operated per channel through the Harmonic Design system amplifiers. An optional passive phase optimized crossover allows quick and easy operation of the hd LSA12P on just one amplifier channel. The 2-way BI-AMP mode provides a unique neutrality and uncompromising high-end sound of the hd LSA12 and is recommended for all maximum level requirements.

Model hd LSA12 (BI-AMP)
hd LSA12P (passiveXO)
Principle bass reflex system
Transducers 1x 12″N LF
2x 1.4″N HF
Crossover 2-way active (hd LSA12)
passive, 900 Hz (hd LSA12P)
Power handling capacity (RMS/Peak) 600 W / 2400 W
Frequency range 45 Hz – 20 kHz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 105 dB
SPLmax 138 dB
Nominal dispersion angle horizontal 90° x vertical 15°
horizontal 120° x vertical 15°
Nominal impedance passiveXO: 8 Ohms
BI AMP: LF 8 Ohms, HF 8 Ohms
Connection 2x Speakon NL4
Dimensions (W x H x D) 575 x 340 x 430 mm
Weight 27 kg (hd LSA12)
28 kg (hd LSA12P)
Enclosure robust multiplex housing
Polyurethane coating black
recessed connection panel with 2x NL4
transport handle
integrated rigging
Steel grille with acoustic foam
Options installation version
weather protection
hd LSA12-SF6
RAL color
hd UniFrame16
LSA12 TourCase
LSA12 Dolly



  • live music, FOH large sound reinforcement system, touring
  • public buildings, sports facilities, theaters, city halls