hd system amplifiers

Powersoft DSP system amplifier

  • for all passive Harmonic Design speakers
  • system amplifier for hd TourSys systems
  • up to 4x 8400W @ 2 Ohms
  • remote monitoring
  • smart power management
  • maximum operational safety
  • remote software ArmoníaPlus

Since our company was founded in 1980, we rely on sophisticated systems consisting of loudspeaker, signal processor and power amplifier. In any Harmonic Design system, powerful, versatile and intelligent signal processors and amplifiers play a key role in linearity and reliability in harsh everyday life. After extensive testing and evaluation, we trust our own DSP amplifier platform from the hd P-, Qi- and Beam-Series on Powersoft DSP amplifier platforms because of their neutrality and flexibility, as well as their state-of-the-art signal processors that meet our in-house DSP development experience, and obviously with massive power reserves, are the best way to unleash the full potential of hd speakers. The impressive performance of modern DSP amplifiers, however, are ultimately only worth so much of how much the factory presets exploit and fit well with the speaker design. In addition to the capabilities of DSP amplifiers, the essential thing that makes a noticeable difference is the use of perfectly matched settings and factory presets with FIR and IIR filters, as well as field-proven multi-level limiter settings.

As we develop each speaker in conjunction with our system amplifiers, we can tailor the DSP amplifiers to the acoustic design and drivers, providing more SPL and headroom, better sound quality and total reliability. Therefore, all specified hd system amplifiers guarantee the best possible performance of every hd speaker system from the beginning, when the right speaker preset is loaded. In use, users can rely on the linearity of factory presets and focus on system tuning and room-related settings, without having to go into the peculiarities of the speaker system.

The Powersoft system amplifiers offer up to 20 kW total power on 1U, a high-power DSP with FIR and IIR filters, intelligent 3-phase load sharing, sophisticated features such as DampingControl for subwoofers and sophisticated Armonía remote monitoring software with numerous useful plug-ins such as Smaart Measurement data import.

  • Powersoft T- & X-Series for touring
  • Powersoft Duecanali-/Quattrocanali for fixed installations

Various touring accessories such as the useful hd PowerUnit or shock-mounted hd TourCases complete the system concept. The hd PowerUnit allows the use of up to three Powersoft amplifiers fed from one power line, either with a 32A CEE three phase input for high power requirements or a single 230V Powercon connection in smaller applications. The outputs to the amplifiers can be user-specifically wired to meet the diverse needs of small to large scale applications. Two additional 230V outlets are designed to connect consumers in the same phase to avoid mains hum. The hd TourCases are shock-mounted and available in 3 -12 U usable interior height and protect the inside with robust rubber buffer fastenings. The high demands of touring sound applications have been taken into account to save the user time, weight and transport space.


  • for all Harmonic Design speakers
  • system amplifier for hd TourSys systems