Project Description

The St. Mary’s Cathedral in Fürstenwalde/Spree, Germany has been equipped with a new Harmonic Design sound system. For reasons of monument protection, most loudspeakers were suspended from the attachment points with a rope construction and aligned with the listener’s surface. The main loudspeakers of the type hd ML24 were mounted on freestanding pipes. All speakers were made in the special color RAL 9006. In order to install the new public address system as cost-effectively as possible, some existing 100V lines were equipped with new LineArray sticks. The room acoustics was largely excluded by the targeted choice of LineArray sticks with bundled sound radiation and leads to a modern sound without much reverberation with a very good intelligibility of the sermons and lyrics.

  • 4x hd ML24 LineArray Stick – 100V option
  • 2x hd M4 PointSource Stick – 100V option
  • 2x hd ML16 LineArray Stick – 100V option
  • 2x hd ML24 LineArray Stick
  • 4x hd ML16 LineArray Stick
  • 1x hd P12 active System Subwoofer