hd 181/P15-PA1

Multi-Purpose PA-System

  • 2x hd 181 Universal Loudspeaker + 1x hd P15 Active System Subwoofer + 1x hd Sub15 Subwoofer
  • for live music, DJ and speech up to 300 people
  • ultra-compact dimensions with enormous performance
  • elegant look
  • wider coverage 90° x 60°
  • DSP-AUX output for monitor/delay line
  • system power: 2.500 Wrms

The mobile Harmonic Design active PA systems combine first-class sound quality with elegant design and the smallest dimensions and weight. The hd 181 tops in the roadworthy rounded housing are painted with a scratch-resistant polyurethane coating. A ball-proof front grille with internally glued acoustic foam also protects the speaker from splashing water. With a weight of only 15 kg, the loudspeaker can be easily transported thanks to the ergonomically shaped handle, which is at the back. Multiple M8 inlet threads allow operation with a bracketon the truss or for tilting and swivel on the speaker stand. The specially developed loudspeaker components and the careful tuning lead to a high load capacity and longevity of the systems. The natural, unadulterated sound is particularly noticeable in natural instruments and vocals and is pleasant to the listener. It is ideal for voice and music transmission in halls and clubs. Two hd 181 bring the necessary pressure and are also able to sound a small hall.

The systems include the DSP-controlled active system subwoofer hd P15, which drives both the hd 181 mid-high boxes and a passive hd Sub15 and thus acts as a basic building block. The powerful 15″ long-excursion loudspeaker in bass reflex tuning ensures controlled, punchy bass. The system can be expanded at any time with the existing amplifier power in parallel with two more hd 181, for example, to sound a larger audience. Factory-programmed sound presets make it easier for you to work in a wide variety of rooms and applications. Individual sound ideas can be saved as a preset on request. The easy handling and the compact dimensions save setup time, weight and load space. In addition, the Plug & Play system minimizes cabling and thus potential sources of error.


  • mobile applications, live music, DJ, touring
  • public buildings, conference and media technology