hd x81-Series

Universal Loudspeaker

  • passive 2-way system with 8″/1″ in biradial horn
  • radiation 80° x 60°
  • precise & even sound radiation
  • clear mid-range & brilliant highs
  • elegant enclosure design

The hd x81-Series stands for lightweight, compact and visually discreet passive 2-way universal loudspeaker and consists of the hd 181 and the low profile monitor hd 281M. The combination of 8″ woofer and 1″ HF driver provides excellent dynamics, hi-fi sound and linearity of the speaker. The specially designed 8″ speaker is ideal for the reproduction of speech and instruments due to its fast attack and decay. The high-performance 1″ driver with Kapton diaphragm provides improved HF reproduction and produces a uniform dispersion of 80° x 60° with the BEM/FEM-optimized elliptical horn.

The loudspeaker enclosure is constructed of high-quality birch plywood and provided with a shock, scratch and weather resistant polyurea plastic coating. Ergonomic transport handles allow easy handling. The loudspeaker components are protected by a sturdy, rustproof, coated steel grille with deposited acoustic foam. Various M8 inlet threads and a flange allow the use on a distance rod or tripod and with a flight and swivel bracket. In addition, abrasion-resistant rubber feet on the underside ensure a secure footing. The NL4 Speakon jacks, which are mounted on the back of the connection panel, are used to connect and forward the input signal. The speaker cabinet is available in the RAL colors and outdoor options.

hd 181

Universal Loudspeaker

  • 1x 8” / 1x 1”
  • 280 / 800W

  • SPLmax 125 dB

  • weight 12 kg

hd 281M

hd 281M


  • 2x 8” / 1x 1”
  • 560 / 1600W

  • SPLmax 127 dB

  • weight 19 kg