hd 281M


  • passive 2-way loudspeaker with 2x 8″ / 1x 1″ with biradial horn
  • more freedom of movement for soloists and front-men with coverage of 80° x 60°
  • homogeneous sound radiation: clear mids & brilliant highs
  • monitor angle 40°
  • usage without DSP
  • noble design
The hd 281M low-profile monitor is a passive 2-way system with a complex crossover design including equalization, so that fullrange applications without DSP are possible. Equipped with two ferrite 8″ woofers / midrange speakers and a 1″ high frequency driver in the biradial horn, it provides fast response, excellent dynamics and best speech intelligibility. Thanks to the biradial horn, the distribution of the highs is more uniform and not only over-emphasized on the axis and strongly sloping outwards. The specially developed loudspeaker components and the careful tuning lead to a high power handling capacity and longevity of the loudspeaker. The deliberately wide-ranging radiation pattern of 80° x 60° paired with a monitor angle of 40° guarantees more freedom of movement for soloists and front-end performers and sonicates more efficient stages, which are not about strictly separate monitor mixes.

The exterior appearance of the hd 281M is characterized by the homogeneously rounded enclosure, whose shape is bent from a piece of multiplex, with a sturdy, curved front grille with acoustic foam. On the back is a subtle yet stylish milled harmonic design logo. The side transport handles also provide protection for the inner Speakon jacks, which are suitable for both input and looping. This means that broken plugs and sockets are a thing of the past. The impact-, scratch- and weather-resistant polyurea-plastic coating is finished with topcoat and thus well prepared for touring everyday. The small dimensions in combination with the pleasing appearance and the uncompromising sound make the hd 281M the indispensable tool of every musician and sound engineer.

Due to the ground coupling, a full-fledged presentation of the instruments and voice is easily possible down to the fundamental tone range. In combination with our active systems, the hd 281M plays its trumps to the full: Optimal integration into the system concept – the same sound on stage as from the main PA allows mixing from the stage. M8 inlet threads round off the features of the hd 281M and allow operation with a mounting bracket for installations with a low ceiling height and simultaneous coverage of a wide listening area. The loudspeaker enclosure is optionally available in RAL colors.

Model hd 281M
Principle Bass reflex system/biradial horn
Transducers 2x 8“ LF
1x 1“ HF with biradial horn
Crossover 1520 Hz, 2-way passive
Power handling capacity (RMS/Peak) 500 W / 1000 W
Frequency range 65 Hz – 20 kHz (fullrange)
90 Hz – 20 kHz (cut)
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 100 dB
SPLmax 124 dB
Nominal dispersion angle horizontal 80° x vertical 60°
Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
Connection 2x Speakon NL4
Dimensions (W x H x D) 500 x 350 x 430 mm
Weight 19 kg
Enclosure 15 mm multiplex birch wood
polyurea plastic coating black
steel grille coated
Acoustic foam
ergonomic transport handles
monitor angle of 40°
M8 inlet thread for installation bracket
Options RAL colors



  • Monitoring
  • Live music, touring
  • Public buildings