hd No3-Series

Compact LineArray

  • passive 2-way system with 8 “/ 1”
  • coverage 90° x 15°
  • high sound pressure and compact dimensions
  • linear reproduction of speech and music
  • cylindrical wave characteristic

The hd No3 Compact LineArray module is a very compact, passive 2-way loudspeaker box for mobile use and fixed installations up to 12 modules per array. The newly developed 8″ ferrite loudspeaker is ideally suited for the reproduction of speech and instruments due to its fast attack and decay. Powerful 1″ drivers with Kapton diaphragms provide improved HF reproduction and, thanks to a special waveguide, couple to a coherent wavefront, which allows the system to operate on maximum cylindrical wave curving. The ratio of two high-frequency drivers to a woofer makes for long arrays for extensive reserves in the high-frequency range to compensate for the coupling effect of the 8″ chassis. The result is a differentiated and punchy sound with enough headroom for spikes. With compact dimensions, the hd No3 Array fits seamlessly into any stage design. That’s why hd No3 arrays are the first choice for applications ranging from small to medium-sized PA applications of any genre as main PA, front and nearfill at major events, fixed installations and trade show/industrial applications.

hd No3

hd No3
  • 1x 8” / 2x 1”
  • 250 / 500W
  • SPLmax 128 dB
  • weight 15 kg