hd No3

Compact LineArray Module

  • passive 2-way Compact LineArray module with 1x 8″/ 2x 1″
  • coverage 90° x 15°
  • sensitivity 101 dB (1 W/1 m)
  • compact dimensions
  • integrated quick fly rigging system
The hd No3 is a passive 2-way system box with crossover at 1400 Hz. Equipped with a specially developed 8″ low/midrange speaker and two 1″ HF drivers coupled to a continuous waveguide. Thus, a very uniform horizontal radiation behavior of 90° can be generated. The high frequency drivers couple to a coherent wavefront through the high-frequency waveguide, so that the system operates on the cylindrical wave principle even at maximum curving.

In the new edition of the hd No3, which has been popular and tried and tested for many years, a number of further developments have been incorporated: With the specially developed ferrite loudspeaker, the low-mid performance has been further improved. The ratio of two high-frequency drivers to a woofer ensures sufficient reserves in the high-frequency range, even with long arrays. The result is a differentiated and punchy sound with enough headroom for spikes.

Thanks to the impedance of 16 ohms, several modules can now be operated on one output channel and thus optimally load the existing amplifiers. The result is a lightweight, compact and powerful LineArray module that impresses with its extremely neutral, natural and undistorted reproduction and its high level of feedback safety.

No bigger than a single A4 sheet and a weight of only 15 kg make transportation, as well as the setup child’s play. The new 4-point Quick Fly rigging system allows arrays of up to 12 modules. Of course, all necessary rigging parts are firmly mounted on the housing and thus captive. You can also easily stack up to 6 modules on the craddle, which also serves as a ground frame, on a hd Infra218. Very slim and unobtrusive, the No3 Array blends seamlessly into any stage design.

Depending on the array length, No3 arrays can therefore be used for small to medium-sized sound applications: Ideally, the No3 is the main PA for live music, front and nearfill at major events, fixed installations and trade fair / industrial applications.

The case of the No3 is made of multiplex wood and provided with a shock, scratch and weather resistant polyurea plastic coating. The front of the speaker is protected by a sturdy, coated steel grille with internally glued acoustic foam. The NL4 Speakon jacks, which are mounted on the back of the connection panel, are used to connect and forward the input signal. In the lower-priced installation version, the array modules are bolted directly to the loudspeaker enclosure through connector plates. The speaker cabinet is available in the RAL colors and outdoor options.

Model hd No3
Principle cylindrical wave
Transducers 1x 8″ LF
2x 1″ HF
Crossover 1400 Hz, 2-way passive
Power handling capacity (RMS/Peak) 250 W / 500 W
Frequency range 90 Hz – 16 kHz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 101 dB
SPLmax 128 dB
Nominal dispersion angle horizontal 90° x vertical 15°
Nominal impedance 16 Ohms
Connection 2x Speakon NL4
Dimensions (B x H x T) 380 x 230 x 340 mm
Weight 15 kg
Enclosure 15mm multiplex birch wood
Polyurea plastic coating black
steel grille black
acoustic foam
Rigging system integrated 4-point Quick-Fly rigging
Options RAL colors
outdoor – splashproof


  • Live music, touring
  • Public buildings