Project Description

The garrison church of St. Martin in Dresden was the garrison church of the Albertstadt, which was created as a military town for large parts of the Saxon army. The double church was built in the second phase of construction in a central location of the barracks complex between 1893 and 1900. It divided into the two separate church rooms for the Protestant and Roman Catholic denominations, of which since 1945 only the Catholic part is used sacral. The Simultaneous Church of St. Martin has since been the parish church of St. Francis Xaverius – community Dresden-Neustadt. The garrison church is one of the last religious buildings of historicism in Dresden.

The installed Harmonic Design loudspeaker systems were adapted to the special interior design with sandstone and painting. For monument protection reasons, the two Harmonic Design hd ML24 main speakers were embedded in the floor with specially made sleeves. The previously poor speech intelligibility and long reverberation time was brilliantly resolved by means of a directed sound radiation and the targeted selection of the required loudspeaker equipment per position.

Room acoustics optimization has been adopted by our hd DSC3 system controller using FIR filter technology. This results in a uniform intelligibility of speech throughout the church, despite the long reverberation times.

2x hd ML24 LineArray Stick
2x hd M6 PointSource Stick
4x hd M3 PointSource Stick
1x hd DSC3 Systemcontroller