+++ Press release Stuttgart, 13.12.2018 +++
The older ones among us will know the brand from the 1990s, as it was already then for innovation and quality standards in professional speaker systems. A few years ago, Harmonic Design was taken over by a young team from the Swabian town of Steinheim an der Murr and developed into a technologically leading manufacturer within a very short time. At the beginning of the year 2019, Laauser & Vohl GmbH from Stuttgart will take over Germany’s distribution of Harmonic Design products. Harmonic Design is characterized by proprietary state-of-the-art technology in electronics and DSP, state-of-the-art loudspeaker design and manufacture, and exclusively in Germany. Outstanding here are in particular the two product lines HLS (HybridLineSource) high-performance loudspeakers and the DSP-controlled LineArray beamforming loudspeakers of the hd ML- and PL-Series. The performance characteristics of these systems go far beyond the previously available products of similar design.

Friedemann Wüstner, Managing Director of Laauser & Vohl GmbH:
“For Laauser & Vohl, the Harmonic Design product line is an ideal complement to our existing sales program. Above all, the Powersoft high-performance amplifiers, which we also distribute, will have lasting synergy effects for our customers and the products. Thanks to its great innovative power and its claim to absolute quality, this young company management has managed to establish itself as a strong player in the field of professional loudspeaker systems within a short time. We look forward to a good and long-term cooperation!”

Robin Maier, Managing Director of Harmonic Design GmbH:
“For us as a technology company with its own research, development and production, the cooperation with the established sales company Laauser & Vohl GmbH is a logical consequence of meeting the high demand of our products and penetrating the depth of the market. At the same time, we can focus our resources more efficiently on our core competencies to shape the future of the audio industry and drive the internationalization of our business. We are pleased to have found a strong partner with Laauser & Vohl GmbH as an expert in the distribution of high-quality audio solutions who shares our values and look forward to working closely with the entire Laauser & Vohl team.”

Laauser & Vohl GmbH is a leading distribution company in the field of professional PA technology and Germany distribution of Ampetronic Induction Loop Technology, Baldwin-Boxall Voice Alarm Systems, Barth Acoustic Cardioid Loudspeakers, Listen Listening Support Systems, Harmonic Design Loudspeaker Systems, Powersoft High Power Amplifiers and Soundtube / Soliddrive Commercial Sound Loudspeaker Systems and distributors for d&b audiotechnik GmbH and Neutrik.

Harmonic Design Audiotechnik GmbH (short: hd) stands since its foundation in 1980 for research, development and production of innovative loudspeaker systems made in Germany according to the highest quality standards, as well as intelligent software solutions. The full potential unfolds in the network as a holistic system consisting of loudspeaker box, system controller and amplifier and guarantees easy operability, best sound quality and enormous reliability. In recent years, technologies such as GroupDelayCorrection, PowerSound algorithm, HybridLineSource concept and hd beamforming set new standards in the market.