hd 12CXN


  • passive 2-way coaxial loudspeaker with 1x 12”N / 1x 1.4”N
  • operation with any amplifier, hd system amplifier recommended
  • integrated frequency and phase optimization
  • optional BI-AMP via toggle switch
  • coverage 80° x 80°
  • four angles 17°/32°/38°/45°
  • low coupling at 900 Hz

The hd 12CXN is a high-performance monitor with a coaxial 12 “/ 1.4″ driver arrangement and well thought-out features. With over 30 years of practical experience and development of coaxial chassis, the hd 12CXN has created a new standard for professional applications. The newly developed 12″/1.4″ coaxial loudspeaker with double neodymium magnet system with 3″ voice coils for LF and HF each achieves excellent impulse behavior thanks to the decoupling of both magnet systems. Due to the low separation at 900 Hz, the hd 12CXN sounds clear and transparent. The compression driver with polymer diaphragm sits in the woofer magnet system and is directly connected to the cone diaphragm via a BEM-optimized waveguide. This means that there is no shadowing or reflections on the bass membrane from an external horn. The hd 12CXN achieves a conical radiation of 80 ° without a separate horn. The large bass reflex port ensures a remarkable bass reproduction. An important goal of the development process was that the acoustic performance of our new 12″ coaxial driver is comparable to the usual 15” stage rider models, but with drastically reduced dimensions and only 18 kg in weight. With a total height of less than 30cm, the low-profile housing can be integrated very inconspicuously into any stage.

Variably adjustable monitor angles, a recessed tripod sleeve in the handle, flight and mounting points, as well as a switchable connection panel make the hd 12CXN a real all-rounder. In no time at all, the monitor angle of 32° with the integrated, fold-out risers can be adjusted in two steps to 38° or 45° to suit the stage situation. The back of the enclosure is beveled 17°, so that the artist is the focus of the drum fill application. A flying bracket enables cluster formation and use for fixed installations with low ceilings.

The integrated passive crossover can be deactivated on the recessed connection panel on the back and the hd 12CXN operated BI-AMP if required. The elaborately designed crossover ensures an accurate and phase-coherent summation of the individual paths including frequency response correction and ensures efficient operation with conventional amplifiers – plug & play – without additional corrections. A recessed switch on the connection panel enables the signal input to be switched from pin 1+/1- to 2+/2-. In this way, with four-fold amplifier outputs in the daisy chain, two AUX feeds can be played out with standard 4-pin cables without special interchangeable cables and the tap can be easily switched on the monitor. Four four-pin Speakon NL4 connectors are located on the side and on the back of the monitor to enable flexible connectivity.

The hd 12CXN unfolds its full potential in conjunction with an HD system amplifier. An absolutely flat frequency response with linear phase behavior enables an even more natural reproduction behavior and enormous security against feedback at all levels. In the BI-AMP operating mode with two amplifier channels, the last bit of power and transparency can be teased out. Application-specific presets ensure consistency and reliability regardless of where and in which configuration the speaker system is used or combined with HD subwoofer solutions.

Model hd 12CXN
Principle vented / conical horn
Transducers 1x 12″N LF
1x 1.4″N compression driver
Crossover 900 Hz, 2-way passive
Power handling capacity (RMS/Peak) 500 W / 2400 W
Frequency range 55 Hz – 22 kHz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m) 100 dB
SPLmax 134 dB
Nominal dispersion angle horizontal 80° x vertical 80°
Nominal impedance passive: 8 Ohms
BI-AMP: LF 8 Ohms | HF 8 Ohms
Connection 2x Speakon NL4 rear
2x Speakon sideways
Controls Rocker switch for operating mode (BI-AMP / passive crossover)
Toggle switch for NL4 pin assignment (1+/1- or 2+/2-)
Monitor angle 17°, 32°, 38°, 45°
Dimensions (W x H x D) 450 x 298 x 437 mm
Weight 18 kg
Enclosure Multiplex birch wood
polyurea plastic coating black
steel grille coated
Acoustic foam
35mm flange
M8 inlet thread for flight & swivel bracket
Options Transport Protection Cover
wall mount
hd TourCase
mounting adapter
RAL color
weather protection



  • live music, DJ, touring
  • Public buildings
  • Rooms with a low ceiling height