hd ML8Beam

Beamforming Stick

  • LineArray Stick with 8x 2″, 75W Class-D each
  • 1 main beam
  • complex hd Beamforming
  • SPLmax 119 dB (1 m)
  • smooth horizontal coverage of 100°
  • dedicated for music – not only speech
The hd ML-Series is a product family of very compact LineArray Systems, specially designed for top quality reproduction of both, music and speech. The speaker column´s slim, unobtrusive design integrates seamless into room architecture and stage areas appealing to event organizers, agencies and audiences.

In the hd ML-Series special designed 2” neodymium drivers produce sound with accurate cylindrical dispersion characteristics in the whole operating frequency range and up to the highest audible frequencies. The long throw of up to 35m and smooth horizontal coverage of 100° makes the hd ML-Series a decent and powerful loudspeaker for superior audio environments. The 2“ chassis are due to their small diaphragm weight and almost same size as the human vocal cords the best choice for the reproduction of human voice in the most difficult applications such as airports, train stations, houses of worship, conferencing, and live music.

Harmonic Design® Beamforming loudspeakers give great potential to improve the sound distribution quality in complex architecture and highly reverberant rooms. The goal is to focus the sound only on target surfaces whereas surfaces that cause undesired reflections and create disturbing noise should be shaded. This results in much better speech intelligibility and a premium listening experience for speech and music throughout all rows, allows inconspicuous positioning of the loudspeakers even at less-than-ideal locations and flexible adjustments of the configuration to various demands.

Smallest Footprint.
The ultra compact width of only 86mm makes the hd ML-Series the smallest beamforming loudspeaker available and almost invisible in fixed installations. The elegant designed aluminium enclosure and finely woven steel grille with premium powder-coating-finish integrates the column´s slim, unobtrusive appearance seamless into room architecture and stage areas appealing architects, system integrators, agencies and audiences.

True 1-Way Design.
For superb and linear reproduction of a sound event from the fundamental to the highest audible frequencies conventional loudspeakers have to use different types of drivers to reproduce the whole frequency range. The result is incoherence and phase shifts in the mid-range due to different diaphragm masses, varying transient behaviors and decay times of the different sized drivers. The hd column speakers are strictly designed with fullrange loudspeakers and therefore free of interference in the important mid-range because every speaker has the same characteristics. The result is an outstanding sound quality in music and speech, extended dynamic and even horizontal coverage of audience areas.

Cost Efficient.
We offer our beam forming technology in a completely new price vs. performance ratio. This enables utilizing this technology for projects that would have needed beam shaping but would have exceeded the budget. Our in-house developed and manufactured components, algorithms and software guarantees cost efficiency for all our products.

Scalable & Adaptable.
The modular concept of the hd ML-/PL-Series still holds. Up to 32 DSP/amplifier channels scalable in segments of 8, custom length and RAL-color makes the speaker adapt into architecture – not vice-versa. The standard colors are black (RAL 9005) and white (RAL 9010) at no extra charge. The full-length U-slot on the back of the aluminum profile enables the possibility to insert M6 square nuts to fix any wall mounting adaptor or use the hd M6 square nut plate for quick and easy set-up and release of the tilt and swivel stand adaptor. M6 threads on top and bottom plate with L-angles may be used for fixed installations with minimum space requirements. The electronic module has the same shape as the loudspeaker itself and will be attached on top or bottom. The protective, continuous design-grille with deposited acoustic foam ensure an unobtrusive integration into any room architecture.

Dante® Spoken here.
The Harmonic Design® beamforming loudspeaker are ready for digital audio transmission with Dante audio streams from mixing consoles or control units. Send digital audio signals over a Dante network completely digital through the DSP core and digital amplifiers. A software-controlled fallback input selection switch to the analog secondary input ensures redundancy whenever necessary. If no digital transmission is needed, both analog inputs (primary and secondary) may be used to setup an analog fallback strategy.

Way-Beyond Spatial Aliasing.
The selection of 2“ resp. 3“ fullrange drivers enables the shift of the compulsory occurring spatial aliasing of linear speaker arrays to the highest frequencies where the effect is suppressed by the directivity of the speakers itself. The motivation of downsizing the speaker diameter has risen challenges for our R&D department when it comes to the size of multichannel amplifiers and DSP platform but was an mandatory step to ensure the musicality of the beam-formed speaker array.

Multichannel DSP Architecture.
Based on the huge processing power of our hd MultiDSP a new multichannel DSP architecture suiting the needs of Beamforming algorithms has been derived. Each of the up to 32 output channels as well as user controls features a 384 Taps FIR-Filter and 16x IIR-Filters in double precision. Therefore, the brand new hd BeamDSP utilizes more than 300 million instructions per second to meet real-time criteria and generate enough degrees of freedom to shape the beam as needed.

Powerful Amplifiers.
Each loudspeaker chassis is equipped with a DSP channel and a digital interfaced and microprocessor controlled class-D amplifier. This preserves best SNR for all gain settings and the possibility to surveil the impedance of each chassis and report its status in case of any fault. The output stage is capable of delivering up to 75W into 4Ω loads and ensures premium dynamics and enough headroom for uncompressed audio.

Harmonic Design® Beamforming Key Features

  • 2In/32Out High-End hd BeamDSP
  • redundant input selection fallback algorithm
  • analog + digital inputs with Dante®
  • AdvancedDirectivityOptimization algorithm
  • 384 Taps FIR-Filter each Input/Output
  • 16x IIR-Filter (double precision) each Input/Output
  • modular equipping in segments of 8
  • 75W Class-D amplifiers with digital I2S input for best SNR
  • ImpedanceControl with fault detection
  • multistage Limiter-Architecture (Peak/RMS/Thermal)
  • hd LevelZ Remote Software via USB
  • standard colors: black RAL 9005 & white RAL 9010

Beam Steering.
Beam steering is the basic discipline of beam forming where the main lobe is digitally steered up- or downwards. Harmonic Design® Beamforming loudspeakers are capable to adjust the vertically main lobe beam angle up to ± 45° with an accuracy of 0.1°/step.

main beam @ 0°

main beam @ +10°

main beam @ -32°

Multiple Beams.
The unique Harmonic Design® Algorithm enables up to 4 separate main beams that can be steered individually and still create a specific frequency independent opening angle.

main beam @ 0°

2 beams @ +5° | -20°

3 beams @ +20° | -2° | -20°

4 beams @ 35° | +12° | -12° | -35°

Frequency Independent Opening Angle.
Conventional loudspeaker arrays increase their directivity with increasing frequency resulting in a wide main lobe at low frequencies and a narrow main lobe at high frequencies. A frequency independent opening angle preserves the same opening angle over a great bandwidth within physical limitations and is adjustable from minimum to 90° in 0.1° steps. This guarantees perfect concentration of sound where it belongs and where not.

f = 800 Hz f = 2 kHz f = 4 kHz
conventional main beam
frequency independent
opening angle θ = 30°

The conventional beam radiation pattern also contains unwanted side lobes that excite the auditorium with disturbing noise while declining the speech intelligibility. By applying special algorithms to the individual DSP channels, an almost optimum, light-beam-like main lobe beam is achievable with an accurate side lobe suppression. The enhancements to improve speech intelligibility in reverberant rooms by applying ADO algorithm are extreme. The strength of the optimization tool may be adjusted by the end-user either towards maximum SPL or optimum target directivity.

ADO off intermediate ADO maximum ADO

By default the focus point of the wavefronts of the individual loudspeakers is infinity and creates parallel running pressure waves. At the distance infinity all wavefronts are perfectly correlated and coherent meaning they arrive at the same time with the same relative phase. Whenever this large throw is not necessary it may be useful to focus the wavefronts to the front rows in steps of 0.1m to tighten the „sweet spot“ .

Model hd ML8Beam
Principle cylidrical wave propagation
Transducers 8x 2″ shielded fullrange chassis
Crossover active at 160 Hz
Power Rating (RMS / Peak) 8x 75W, Class-D, digital I2S input
Frequency Response 160 Hz – 20 kHz
max. Beam Count 1
SPLmax (1 m) 119 dB
Coverage horizontal 100°
Vertical Steering Angle ± 45°, in 0.1° steps
Vertical Opening Angle 0° – 90°, in 0.1° steps
AdvancedDirectivityOptimization yes, adjustable in fine steps
Connection Phoenix 3-pole Mains
Phoenix 6-pole Input
Dante® Ethernet
Dimensions (B x H x T) 86 x 1095 x 86 mm
Weight 9 kg
Enclosure powder coated aluminum
steel grille
U-slot at rear side
Options RAL-colors
DANTE® primary


  • airports
  • stations
  • churches
  • lecture halls
  • houses of worship
  • museums
  • conference rooms
  • hotels
  • sport arenas
  • AV installations
  • live events
  • mobile use