1986: First PA speakers

First PA speaker with self-developed FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) horns for targeted sound radiation and increased efficiency.

1984: Company fire

The company building in Rutesheim burns down completely. Then relocation of the company headquarters to Vaihingen/Enz-Riet.

Change of name to: Harmonic Design GmbH & Co. KG

1982: Flightcases are added to the product range

Flight cases are added to the product range. In a short time, the so-called hd SilverCases conquer the market.

1980: Founding of Harmonic Design GmbH

Foundation of Harmonic Design GmbH in 1980 in Rutesheim, Germany

Introduction of the Hardy Amps as professional bass and guitar amplifiers.

Red Productions Demoday – NL

Together with our BeNeLux sales partner Red Productions, we cordially invite you to an extraordinary demo day on Tuesday, February 20th. The complete Harmonic Design product portfolio will be presented in different scenarios and rooms of the NBC Congrescentrum under realistic conditions. (more…)

hd HLS20-TourSys1 Test Report in Tools4Music

In issue 01/2019, the specialist magazine tools4music is testing the hd HLS20P-TourSys1 in a live test in three completely different events: Open-Air, town hall and Rock-Band. Due to the high speech intelligibility and range of the compact hd HLS20 top all disciplines are mastered with flying colors and the system can convince even in difficult rooms. The author concludes with the words:

The hd HLS20 TourSys1 system convinces all along the line. Sound quality, throw range, low-end and sound pressure – all this offers the test system at a high, probably even the highest level. Especially the speech intelligibility in acoustically difficult rooms and the range of the compact top part impressed me compared to conventional array solutions. The PA sounds mighty, but is compact in comparison to the output. A combination that is popular with ambitious touring bands and rental companies

The full test report can be downloaded here! (German only)

BeNeLux demo day in The Box Amsterdam

Together with our BeNeLux sales partner Red Productions we invite you to an extraordinary demo day on Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March . The entire Harmonic Design product portfolio will be presented in different scenarios and rooms of The Box Amsterdam under realistic conditions. (more…)

Harmonic Design – new in the sales department of Laauser & Vohl GmbH

+++ Press release Stuttgart, 13.12.2018 +++
The older ones among us will know the brand from the 1990s, as it was already then for innovation and quality standards in professional speaker systems. A few years ago, Harmonic Design was taken over by a young team from the Swabian town of Steinheim an der Murr and developed into a technologically leading manufacturer within a very short time. At the beginning of the year 2019, Laauser & Vohl GmbH from Stuttgart will take over Germany’s distribution of Harmonic Design products. Harmonic Design is characterized by proprietary state-of-the-art technology in electronics and DSP, state-of-the-art loudspeaker design and manufacture, and exclusively in Germany. Outstanding here are in particular the two product lines HLS (HybridLineSource) high-performance loudspeakers and the DSP-controlled LineArray beamforming loudspeakers of the hd ML- and PL-Series. The performance characteristics of these systems go far beyond the previously available products of similar design. (more…)

EDM-Clubinstallation in Vietnam

The Peerage Bar is a newly opened premium club in the heart of Hai Phong, the booming metropolis of northern Vietnam. In line with the state-of-the-art lighting design with lasers, LED-Sceens and countless moving lights, an extremely powerful Harmonic Design loudspeaker system has been installed.

A total of 8x hd HLS24 in BI-AMP operation provide a disco feeling of the extra class. The high-frequency section integrated in the revolutionary HybridLineSource loudspeaker, each consisting of 4x 1.4″ drivers, enables the lowest possible distortion with extremely high listening volumes. As a result, hearing does not tire as quickly as is the case with conventional Club PA systems. The horny and powerful low center section of the hd HLS24 allows a fast and dry kick bass reproduction of EDM music styles in fullrange mode – without additional kick bass way. (more…)

light&sound from 23.-25. September in Lucerne, CH

Every two years, light&sound becomes the national meeting place for event and media technology in Switzerland. In addition to a booth in Hall 1, D 1071, we are also in the Beamsteering comparison test in the foyer of Hall 2. There our Harmonic Design Beamforming technology will stand in direct comparison to competitors and prove its performance. In addition to products for permanent installation, the stand will feature the revolutionary HybridLineSource touring systems.

We are looking forward to interesting discussions and new contacts.