1993: Large-scale sound system: hd HPA series

hd HPA series consisting of the hd HPA-122 Top and hd SW-212 subwoofer is presented as a modular large sound system.

1998: hd Studio1 reference studio monitor

Introduction of the hd 8CX and hd 12CX coaxial multifunction boxes

active Subwoofer hd 18N

hd SW12-15P with P-Band System

hd Studio1 Reference Studio monitor

1995: New methods of speaker system control and optimization

Market introduction of the hd SYSTEM2000 loudspeakers and electronics with uniquely new methods of speaker system control and optimization in the room, implementation of the GroupDelayCorrection algorithm in the signal processing, 2-stage limiter and direct MLSSA measurement file import combines the optimization of all parameters in one software interface.

Sound optimization with hd SYSTEM2000
SYSTEM2000 brochure

1994: First Digital Room Speaker Processor hd DSC1

Introducing the first digital room speaker processor hd DSC1 with complete control over each speaker parameter

1990: Calibration the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium, Stuttgart

Measuring and calibration of the renewed sound system at the Gottlieb Daimler Stadium in Stuttgart

1990: Exclusive distributor in Europe for MLSSA

The Harmonic Design GmbH becomes the exclusive distributor and service partner of the worldwide leading measurement and analysis system MLSSA for Europe.

1988: First speaker system with integrated processor

Presentation of the hd MPP3 system: The first speaker system with integrated loudspeaker processor and analog amplifier unit.