Willkommen bei Harmonic Design®

Since its foundation in 1980, Harmonic Design® (in short hd) stands for research, development and manufacturing of cuttingedge loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. Our customers are musicans, rental companies of professional sound systems and installation companies.

What does Harmonic Design® stand for?

Harmonic Design products are designed, developed and manufactured in South Germany, Steinheim an der Murr. Regional specialist suppliers from Germany deliver premium and durable components and devices to fulfill our strict quality requirements. As a result, we guarantee exceptional high quality and reliability of our products.
Since its foundation in 1980, Harmonic Design® stands for research, development and manufacturing of cuttingedge loudspeaker systems and acoustic services. We did already think in systems and established the usage of system controllers (analog at that time) in 1988. In the early 90s, the cutting-edge computer aided measurement system “MLSSA” was introduced and raised the loudspeaker system research and development to a new level. The first digital signal processor followed in 1994 with pioneering filter capabilities. In recent years, we were game-changing with technologies like GroupDelayCorrection or PowerSound.
Harmonic Design® active systems are composed of loudspeaker system, digital system controller and amplifier. The components are linked together and provide an ease of use, superb sound reproduction and enormous reliability. Each mid/high loudspeaker system is interchangeable to achieve the best performance depending on requirements and application.
Harmonic Design® loudspeaker systems are well known for their neutral and linear sound reproduction. The loudspeaker components are investigated with latest measurement techniques and methods to improve even the minutest details. The linearity does not only mean a flat frequency response, but also impulse accuracy, precisely graduated tonal depth and minimal distortion.

The Harmonic Design® Philosophy

The holistic system, made up of loudspeaker box, digital system controller and amplifier represents our comprehension of an ultimate system. The individual components are optimized and unfold their whole potential in combination as a system: The sound pattern is faithful, the power is exceptional and the handling is easy.

Being a long-term and reliable partner for lots of musicians, rental companies and producers, we give our best to stay at your side and offer top-of-the-range products with a practical orientation. A key role for the enhancement of the products plays the research and development of brand new and innovative technologies.
We accept new and sophisticated challenges and look for new horizons to exceed well-known limits. Our passion is feed from our love of art and music. In search of uncompromising sound accuracy, minimal dimensions, outstanding quality and intelligent accessories is our goal a harmonic design.
Harmonic Design® offers products with practical orientation that operate with their specifications, their sound pattern and quality in the audiophile upper class. Our products serve the professional engineer, musician, DJ, operator or rental company as a tool to support their performance. The handling and look is decent and minimal that the sound system get invisible and contact to the audience and the performance itself is the centre of attention. We want to support you with your applications and provide you not only sophisticated products but also a personal point of contact for questions, advice and support. Feel free to contact us!

Harmonic Design® History

1980: Foundation of Harmonic Design GmbH

Foundation of Harmonic Design GmbH based in Rutesheim, Germany

Invention of Hardy Amps, professional Bass and Guitar cabinets

1982: Flightcases were added into the product portfolio

Within short time the hd SilverCases have gained great acceptance on the market

1984: Burn-down of company buildings

Burn-down of company buildings in Rutesheim. Move to Vaihingen/Enz-Riet.

Rebranding in: Harmonic Design GmbH & Co. KG

1986: Unveiling PA speaker systems

Unveiling PA speaker systems with specially developed glass fiber reinforced plastic horns to improve coverage and sensitivity.

1988: First Loudspeaker System with Integrated Speaker Processor

Introduction of the hd MPP3 System: The first loudspeaker system with integrated speaker control processor and analog system amplifier.

1989: Extension of the manufacturing capacity

Extension of the manufacturing capacity and in-house production of wooden cabinets.

1990: Exclusive European Distributor of MLSSA

Harmonic Design GmbH named exclusive distributor of the world wide leading MLSSA measurement system in Europe

1990: Calibration of Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion in Stuttgart

Calibration and acceptance of renewed sound system at Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion in Stuttgart, Germany

1992: Invention of the hd “CX”Pro-Series

Invention of the hd “CX”Pro-Series consisting of “CX”Pro Top 12CX2, “CX”Pro Bass SW115 with HFC-technology, “CX”Pro ISP-AMP, first loudspeakers using coaxial loudspeaker designs.

hd “CX”Pro Brochure
hd M15CX2 Brochure

1994: Assesment for German Bundestag in Bonn

Acoustic expert assessment for German Bundestag in Bonn, Germany

1994: First digital room-speaker-processor hd DSC1

Introduction of the first digital room-speaker-processor hd DSC1 with seamless control over every loudspeaker component

1995: hd SYSTEM2000

Introduction of the hd SYSTEM2000 loudspeakers and electronic devices with ground breaking new technology for loudspeaker system control and optimization, invention of GroupDelayCorrection algorithm, 2-stage limiters and import MLSSA measurement files to directly optimize the system in an all-in-one system.

Soundoptimization with hd SYSTEM2000
SYSTEM2000 Brochure

1993: Large-Scale Touring Sound System: hd HPA-Series

hd HPA-Series large scale touring sound system consisting of hd HPA-122 Top and hd SW-212 Subwoofer.

1998: hd Studio1 Reference Studiomonitor

Unveiling hd 8CX and hd 12CX coaxials, active subwoofers hd 18N and hd SW12-15P, hd Studio1 reference studio monitor

2000: Development of hd PowerSound Algorithm

Development of the hd PowerSound algorithm for improved sound reproduction. Release of the next generation Digital System Controller hd DSC2 using FIR/IIR technology

2000: Modular Hornloaded Speaker System - hd SPA-Series

Presentation of hd SPA-Series modular hornloaded speaker system. The coaxial horn-in-horn design sets new benchmarks in ratio size and weight to SPL output.

2004: Research of a new DSP platform including remote monitoring

Begin of an extensive research project of a new DSP platform including a monitoring of the connected devices used in future projects

2006: Compact LineArrays hd No3, hd No5, hd No7

Unveiling multichannel digital amplifier and integrated digital signal controller hd DSPamp with 4x In / 6x 200 W Out and 4x In / 4x 400 W Out

Compact LineArray series hd No3 and hd No5 as well as stackable Coaxial LineArray hd No7

2008: Harmonic Design column speakers capture the market

Invention of PointSource Sticks hd M-Series and LineArray Sticks hd ML-Series

2012: Plug&Play Active System with 4.000W

Introduction of hd P-Series with High-End DSPs (FIR/IIR) and 4000W class-D amplifier

2015: PowerLine Sticks and passive Beamforming

Invention of hd PL-Series PowerLine Sticks with 3″ Fullrange drivers.
First beamforming projects with application in hd ML-Series and hd PL-Series using a separate electronic unit

2016: Revolutionary Touring System HybridLineSource Technology

Presentation of the revolutionary large PA system hd HLS24 HybridLineSource . The HybridLineSource is a new and worldwide unique loudspeaker system developed by Harmonic Design, which reduces the needed truck space dramatically and improves the quality of a public address system to a new level of uniformity and complete absence of distortions.

2018: Harmonic Design Beamforming Technology

Product launch of the hd Beamforming-Series: Beamforming column speakers in unseen ultra compact dimensions based on the hd ML- and PL-Series featuring multiple beams, advanced directivity optimization and redundant inputs with DANTE®